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  2. J Obadiah

    Obadiah's LST

    Here are a few images of the way I practice LST. I like to use garden tape because it is flexible; I enjoy a nice, symmetrical plant that gives me maximum chances to create potential heads. If my math is right, I have potentially 14 tops, minimum, thats not counting 2 small shoots on each of the...
  3. dbones

    Please help diagnose - Fourth week hermie? Appreciate your input are these female calyx or seed pods?

    Hi all. Can anyone help please identify these as either female calyx or seed pods . I didn’t think it has hermied but these look suspicious! They had some stress in veg (heat mainly) Any ideas really appreciated Thanks in advance!! Dbones
  4. S

    What's wrong with this plant? Advice needed!

    Hello everyone, iI have 2 plants, both Master Kush, but one of them does not really develop any buds or frost, just hairs everywhere. I thought maybe it's a hermie at first, but I didn't find any bananas or pollen sacks on the plant and gave it some more time. Now after 7.5 weeks I'm really...
  5. D

    Is this a Hermie? Or is it too soon?

    Hello all, I am new to the forum as a member, but thank everyone for their contributions as I've been reading as a guest for quite some time now. I have included a few pics of what I am hoping is NOT a case of "dude looks like a lady", but maybe someone can help.. The last harvest had seeds...
  6. P


    this is one of my plants and I am quite sure it's a hermie, can someone help me out? thanks =) :Namaste:
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