hermie auto flower

  1. el gringuito

    Are My Autos Going Hermie? And Organic Soil Questions

    Hi. I am a relatively new grower, and I have mild autism. I am trying to grow my own medicine 1:1. I have a number of problems going on with my autos, and need help. Thank you in advance for your help. Should I start at the start? When I was in the States I bought bagged soil, and put it over...
  2. nemmondommeg

    Are they hermies?

    Im a beginner grower, and these started to appear now. They are in the early stages of flowering. They are outdoor plants, feminized, and autoflowering. These little “balls” doesnt have stems, they came out next to those “hairs” at the stem. I would greatly appreciate your help, thanks in advance !
  3. B

    Auto-Feminized Candy Cane Gender Confusion

    Hey everyone! I know this question has been asked and answered a million times in these forums. However, as a first-time grower, I've viewed images of male vs female plants that look similar to my own plants; which only adds to my confusion and anxiety around the sex of my plant. I started...
  4. Mr G

    Hermie Auto-Flower?

    Just noticed these on one of the 6 feminized White Dwarf auto-flowers I'm growing. It's about 5 weeks into its 8 week cycle and budding normally. Any negative consequences keeping it with the others? Will I get any useable seeds? Thanks in advance!
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