hermie identification

  1. Z

    Help! Are My Plants Hermies?

    Super new to this, pretty sure i have 1 male, but think a few of my females might be hermies... can anybody help identify for me?
  2. hazydayzgjb

    Is it a hermie ? Girl Scout cookies

    Been given a plant of a friend Under 600watt led So it’s quite old 5/6 months and has no signs of flowering. approx 4ft tall. Can anyone help and advise if it’s a hermie/male (veering towards hermie) and weather it’s worth the effort to try and save and flip or if I’m wasting my time ...
  3. G

    What are these?

    Hi - thanks for looking - not sure what these are: - well into fourth week of blooming - regular seeds not fem (Crop king blueberry) - 2 males had been removed very early and before any came near to opening. - one of these pods had a seed in it - not all. See on middle of image - half way down...
  4. N

    Has my plant hermied? 1st time grower

    Hey all, I've been growing this plant which is a couple of weeks away from harvest. Recently I just started looking into plants hermying, and noticed a couple of things around the main cola and a couple of other bud sites. I have a rough idea of what i'm looking for, and here are a couple of...