1. B

    Did my plant turn hermie? And what should I do? Pics included

    Ok, so my girl has been budding for a month and a half now. Yesterday I forgot to plug in my timer and she did not have her dark period. Also, the fan was off. I think that maybe stressed her out into a hermie, and the buds were just starting to get fat :(( I'm so mad at myself. Few "bananas"...
  2. Newnugz

    Oh No! Is this a hermie?

    So i put a regular seed into flower at 3.5 weeks veg (i know thats premature but I have fem crop in a veg tent growing and i just wanted to know what this thing was.) So she has been flowering 1.5 weeks and she is covered in long white pistils :thumb: and i was thinking im all good. Then I...
  3. GrowInTheDark

    My son plugged my girls in early and power sparked in and out - Will they hermie?

    Hi, my 6 girls are 62 days old and have been flowering for 11 days, they are all confirmed females. My son went to the bathroom and plugged in my power cord 20 minutes early but the light flashed on and off about 4 times, will they hermie on me?
  4. S

    Hermie pollination question

    My grow originally started off with four feminized Purple Kush plants but am down to two. About a week and a half after switching to 12/12 I found that two of the four might be hermies. So just to wait and see I kept a close eye on the two. My suspicion was confirmed on one about three days...
  5. G

    End of week 2 flower - Is it a hermie?

    Hey thread, Getting to the end of week 2 with the Ghost Train Haze #1 and noticing sacks are starting to produce and my Animal cookies with pistils. Got it the Ghost Haze as a clone and has been pretty healthy. But since I've changed rooms, I've been really nervous about a light leak and I...
  6. S

    Hermie Question

    Heres a noob question...Can a cannabis plant hermie at ANY point in its life cycle? Or does it usually not happen in later stages of Flowering? Just curious, nothing happening like that in my grow, thankfully! *knock on wood*
  7. cufix

    Signs of a hermie?

    Hey, I heard somewhere, that pistills which changes color too soon might be a sign of a hermie. I haven't found any male balls or somehting, but still could anyone check those photos and tell me if there are any strange signs? Besides I think my flowers are a bit small for 26th day of flowering...
  8. snack420

    feminized seeds and hermies

    Hi. I'm looking for some tips for planning my second grow. Is it true that feminized seeds are more likely to grow into hermies? My first plant was from a single feminized blue dream seed and it budded well, and is definitely some sweet stuff, but she ultimately ended up a hermie. Most of...
  9. E

    Hermaphrodite? Help greatly appreciated!

    Alright this girl is about 5 weeks into flowering and is looking very suspicious on the top two nodes. It looks like some bananas are forming D; but I'm not completely sure. Strains are unknown but this one is definitely sativa from its height and very thin fan leaves, and I understand that...
  10. B

    Female went male on me

    Ok so last season my trees dropped a few seeds it was not until maybe 3 weeks ago until i seen little plants growing I was happy about this I had 2 females and one male. Since this is my I guess it would be consider 2nd season now I left the male in the ground. Telling my self I should really...
  11. trichomes

    Are these baby seeds? Is it normal for these in pure female bud/plant?

    The "seeds" on left side are between 1 & 2 mm's, they come out of the "pods" / "pistols?" shown in the bottom & right side of pic, when I cut one open I find one of these seed looking things inside the "pods/pistols" (things you see clustered on the bud). I don't know what to think! from the...
  12. J

    Hermie/pollen question

    I would first like to apologize for starting this thread if there is already one asking the same question. So I started 3 plants from seed and got 3 females (Tahoe OG, Black Domina & Green Climax) :) (nice luck for my first grow IMO) ALTHOUGH mrs. Tahoe decided to grow a pair (none of the others...
  13. jcool09

    Are these male flowers on top on this bud?

    This is a shot of a Pineapple Express auto in the 5th week of flowering. Resin glands are present but have not proliferated the flowers yet so I am expecting at least 2 more weeks until she finishes. Three days ago I noticed these clusters of yellow growth at the top of several of my most...
  14. WizHigh

    Need to Clone ASAP but how soon?

    How soon or developed does the branches have to be to start taking clones? The reason I'm asking is my one plant has gone under so much problems and instead of growing from seed again I want to clip clones from it. I don't even want to put it in to flowering because I know it will be a waste. I...
  15. B

    Little seed in calyx - Normal or not?

    I'm 2 weeks 4 days from harvest decided to open up one of the calyx and found a seed. These are all over the place at the beginning of all the nodes. There are no males. Is it normal? If not how's this possible? https://www.420magazine.com/gallery/data/500/20120830_194909.jpg
  16. L

    Chop at 7 weeks 'cause of Bananas? Please advise! (pics)

    Crap, was checking out my Kandy Kush x Skunk #1 at day 47, and noticed about 4-5 bananas on the top of the main cola. Then I found the occasional banana on a few other buds. Rushed for tweezers and carefully plucked them all, combing over the plant like a baboon grooming its mate looking for...
  17. A

    AK-47 Gone Beatifully Bad Need an abortion!

    So SWIM was growing 7 plants, all at different stages, they were under a 1000W HPS, very little if any light leak, the 2 smaller autoflowers were at the end of their cycle, one of the plants was infested with seeds, as I further looked into it i could see the AK-47 plant well gorgeous had about...
  18. T

    Feminized seed questions?

    Can you make feminized seeds with pollen sacks from a hermie strain on a female non-hermie strain Or will this produce hermie seeds?
  19. P

    (AERO) Clones- 7 Days. No roots. What is going on?

    im accually having problems from a setup copied outta high times-grow a pound every 3 weeks- article. its the clones ive taken. i followed the directions for setup to a T- even on the nutes/clone solution. its been 7 days- NO ROOTS. might i add i am terrible at cloning. ive tried 3 different...
  20. D

    stress fems = male flower

    I have a kali mist x da bomb x hawaiian sativa. Growing indoor under 600w hps, temp 79 during the day and 70 at night, 40-60% rh. I added 6 to my garden, toped two, super cropped two and left two alone. been flowering for 14 days. over the weekend the four 'altered' girls had male flowers...
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