1. K

    Is this a hermie

    Hey all! This is my first grow, and unfortunately I suspect I might have a hermie on my hands.. She's 5 weeks into flowering by now, under a 250 watts HPS light. so, is it a hermie or not? If it i a hermie, what should I do? I don't have any additional plants it might destroy, but will it...
  2. Spike69

    Completed 3rd grow going

    7-10 09 Well 3rd grow going good durban getting crystals and the 2 dwarf ganja are half way home,the durban I can let go on and on and on thats why I like the dwarfs in there helps patience,mines not patience to smoke its just I like to keep results rolling in.Bro is fine those of you who...
  3. C

    Accidentally left the lights on during dark cycle!

    So my roomate went in to work in the garden just before the dark cycle last night and left the door open and room lights on in the room, stoner! So the plants are in flower, one side is 3 weeks out and the other 7 weeks from harvest. they got 9 hours of light before I caught onto the mistake...
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