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  1. Gigglebutt420

    New to the site

    Hey all i just joined up. Kinda not really sure what to do yet but I’ll get it figured out lol! I am a legal grower for personal medicinal use and just wanted to introduce myself and say hey
  2. Angel413

    I need help drying my baby’s #tips

    What’s the best way to dry my baby’s ? What’s the best room temp? Should I Manicure my plant Before drying? How to get that real smell ? I don’t want my plants smelling like hey pls help
  3. D

    New member - Done a few grows so far and referenced here so I'm joining the fam!

    hey all :Namaste:
  4. N

    Hello everyone newgrower93 here

    Hello everyone I'm new to the whole growing and forums thing but I'm looking for help I've posted a thread in the FAQ section and have included a link here because it seems I'm not getting much interest in my thread, so if you could be kind enough to check it out for me that would be...
  5. I

    Hey 420 Mag Fam

    Glad to be part of the community. Hope to see it grow millions.
  6. T


    Hey Guys.. thanks for having me here now lets get some dope.
  7. J

    Hey quick question for y'all experienced growers!

    Hey everyone I recently ordered 5 white widow auto flowering feminized. I purchased a veraspectra 300 watt LED indoor grow lamp and hooked it up. I recently germinated 5 seeds with the paper towel method and roots started to pop so I planted them and got my 4 under the light is that enough and...
  8. BudSmoker

    Hey hey

    Hey everyone! im still here! I have been browsing around, just not posting! I hope everyone has a great week!! Smoke up!!
  9. F

    Hey Everyone

    Hi I have started a Grow Journal for my plants. To keep track/show everyone my Grow and Harvest. I will maintain this journal and update it with pictures when the plants sprout. I hope everyone enjoys my First Grow Jack O'Here About myself: I am a First time grower. I live in the United...
  10. R

    Hey Everyone

    How do i post Sent from my SM-N920P using 420 Magazine Mobile App
  11. P


    Hey Guys, I'm pooloss, a newbie grower. Here to learn.
  12. B

    Hey all

    Hey everybody. I'm new to growing(i have plants in their 7th week from seed)I am hoping to learn everything I can. :thumb:
  13. M

    Hey guys!

    My names merkle ( on here anyway;)) I'm in Australia and looking to get started growing some herbs for self use and all that;) haha. I've ordered a viper spectra 600w light, got a seed from a mate but I want to buy seeds eventually I'm thinking about cropking but herbies seems to be alright as...
  14. ItsJoshbruuuh

    Hey everyone!

    Hey all, I'm Josh, and I'd just like to say hello as a new 420 member! I'm a newbie grower and I'm from South Africa. I'm interested in Cannabis for Medicinal and Industrial uses as well as Health and Recreational uses, I've just started my first ever grow and I'll be keeping you guys...
  15. K

    Hey all - Opinions needed

    I am getting ready to place my seed order for the upcoming season and I'm looking for opinions on some bad ass weed, ( sorry tommy). I'm looking for some laughing type stuff and some, who that's some deep shit weed. All opinions and facts appreciated. I grew some LSD and was not as triply as...
  16. S

    Dwarf Low Flyer - 300w LED Microgrow - Stunnawis

    Hey guys, I am about a month into my first grow, and I have two dwarfs. I'm using a 300w led light, and a 20" x 15" x 15" growbox. They got their first feeding today with 1 tsp of fox farms grow big and 2 tsp of big bloom per gallon of water. Here are some pictures:
  17. Isazam01

    Hey what's up everyone!

    Hey guys ! well iam 24 years old aim from los angeles currently working press operator i like smoking i started mi first grow a few months ago to save a little extra cash and for personal use and now i really like it and enjoy it and want to keep on growing and learning a teach others also...
  18. supermike

    Hey All

    Hey, I'm Mike. I grew up in the US but now travel around the globe. I'm trying to fight cannabis stigma with information and knowledge. It's awesome to meet like-minded people and watch policies changing. Thanks for having me! Best, Mike
  19. D


  20. Dankster33

    New to the forum

    hey whats up everyone!:tokin:
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