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  1. MotaFina

    MotaFina - 2nd Indoor Grow - Damnesia & Special Kush - Supersoil - HID

    Hey everyone! So, this is my 2nd grow since the old days. Here are the details: Strains: Damnesia and Special Kush #1 Environment: Indoors in a 4x4 grow tent Lighting: CFLs for seeding, 400w MH for Veg, 1000w HPS for flowering Medium: I'm using a Supersoil mix that is based on Subcool's...
  2. D

    8 Day Progress BlueBerry Auto

    Growing under HID / MH lights . Started January 6 with proper lighting . Temp: 80 Humidity: 60 Soil Flower power ferts but soon running low and switching to fox farms . The first picture was taken January 21st The second picture taken January 29th auto blueberry this is 8 day...
  3. G

    Air cooling 3 lights in a new room. Help/thoughts appreciated!

    Hey all, I have been cruising around the forum for a while and finally decided to get in on the conversation. I am a new medical grower on my fourth go around. I am moving soon into my own house and get a full 7.25x 13 room to use for my meds. In the PNW so temps are pretty steady. Planning...
  4. Excited2start

    DIY Hood 70 watt HPS and MH

    Alright so I have been wanting to find tutorial on how to make a simple cheap reflector for 70 watt HIDS. So I chose do to one myself. So this cost me about 20 bucks to make, but most of the stuff I already had. Just had to buy a few things. So this is a photo of the equipment needed to...
  5. stonedinla

    looking for a air cooled 600w hid at a reasonal price

    Hello all, anyone know of a relible aircooled 600w electronic ballast HID grow light, that is inexpensive
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