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  1. TurboBucket

    Turbo Bucket's Take On RADDWC: Grow Room Build-Up

    So as some may know I've been running space buckets for awhile now with some success. I love the buckets and intend to return to them with upgrades after this is completed. However I need to increase my output and finally have room so.... Here we go. The space: 42"*70"*93" tall walk in closet...
  2. Ron Strider

    3,700 Pounds Of Marijuana Found In Lettuce Shipment

    Custom and Border Protection agents have located and seized nearly two tons of marijuana hidden in a shipment of lettuce. CBP said in a release that the seizure happened at the Colombia-Solidarity International Bridge on June 26, when an officer referred a tractor-trailer hauling lettuce for...
  3. flytier

    Two Level Grow Room WIP

    Ok, so I guess I probably should have taken a "before" picture, but anyway... This is Stage 2 of my setup. Stage 1 consisted of this alcove with a small upper shelf, covered by a blanket. It's the part of the kitchen where the fridge used to be, but it now has a more practical application. It...
  4. W

    My Super Stealthy Basement Grow Room

    I thought some of you might enjoy some pictures of my grow room in my basement utility room. See it? It's right THERE: Let me open it up for you: It's right behind this: The release latch (Car-hood release) is hidden. Includes: Exhaust fan Carbon filter for smell...
  5. S

    StonedPrepper's Hidden Scrog Room - 2016

    So you know the world is going to end right. Well maybe not. If there is a disaster, be it a hurricane, a war even if the Zombies show up, I want to be the guy eating steaks and smoking good bud, when the SHTF. Here is some info. Veg Room - Still under construction...
  6. MisterPeabody

    Mister Peabody's First Grow

    Finally got my stealth grow cab completed and it's time to grow. This grow began life in the comfort of a 1" Rockwell cube, PH'd for 48 hrs @ 5.0 respectively. The story begins.. The girls are beginning to shift gears (girls, I hope). Here you can see the reservoir, and how shallow it is...
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