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  1. Fast Eddy Plant 2.jpg

    Fast Eddy Plant 2.jpg

    Fast Eddy Autoflower, outdoor organic grow, High CBD strain by CBD seeds.
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    Hello all! New to smoking and new to the site - Questions about the Catatonic strain

    Hi there! Just wanted to introduce myself. My situation and ask a question or two. I've been dealing with Crohn's disease for 4 years now. Have been on all types of pain killers and a plethora of different medications to keep my condition under control. Finally decided the ditch the...
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    Desolate Newbie in DC

    As a medical marijuana patient I have had dismal luck getting high ( truly high -16% or more ) cbd seeds at an affordable price. I can't afford dispensary prices and they usually stock sativa dominant strains anyway which reacts negatively with me. If anyone has some leads please consider...
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