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  1. mountaingoat

    Completed Mountaingoat's Second Grow - CFL 200 Watt - Soil - High Defoliation

    Okay everyone here we go again! Second grow! :party: Like last time I will be growing inside this one 420 Magazine ® Will be using 200 watts CFL lights for both flowering and vegging, this accompanied with some serious defoliation and molasses will hopefully give some sweet buds. Light...
  2. B

    Completed Bassman Strips The Kosher Kush! Hi-Defoliation - DWC-RDWC - 1K Watts Of Madness!

    Welcome folks to my 4th journal! This will be my second grow using individual 5 gal buckets per plant coupled with a High Defoliation for greater yields technique. The methods being used are as follows: Four sprouted seedlings are dropped into 5 gal buckets of BPN 2-part nutrients...
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