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high pressure aeroponic

  1. Mr Bins

    Welcome To The Bin Lab! Mr. Bins' Modular Aero SCROG - 2017

    I've been building out a new grow setup this summer using high pressure aero / DWC hybrid under COB LED lighting. All flowering will be done using portable SCROG modules that can be disconnected in seconds and wheeled around like carts. Central res is auto topped up with RO water via float...
  2. Ogiesel

    High Pressure Aeroponic Grow with LEDs

    Hi gang, ogiesel here! back at it with the HP Aeroponics. As some of you may already know. My last HPA grow ended in the plants being thrown out because they both turned Hermi. They were both doing extremely well too. Vigorous growth & great overall health. It was a good test run as it was also...
  3. Ogiesel

    High Pressure Aeroponic Grow

    Greetings to everybody here at 420Mag. Ogiesel here! First time poster on this site, I normally use Canabis boards but it's gotten pretty out of control over there so I've decided I'll start a new account somewhere else & wound up here. I'm currently in the middle of my first HP aero grow, two...
  4. D

    32kw Grow Rooms - High Pressure Aeroponics - How do I build the layout?

    Okay so i've done DWC bubbleponics in the past. had some good results and took a break from growing for a while. Now I'm within 30 days of beginning the buildout for a commercial grow and I'm really stuck on how the most cost effective & efficient way to build this. both 20x20 rooms share a...