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high temperature

  1. KVD4450

    DIY air cooler

    Thought I’d post this make shift diy air cooler I made on a budget I found a video of a similar cooler on YouTube and thought I’d share my version . It may help another first time Grower like myself who is battling temps. I’m growing in a loft so I can have temp swings weather induced. It has...
  2. BamSam

    Growing In High Temps, Bad Soil & Small Containers

    Hello everyone hope you all enjoy this experiment. I have a small 2 x 1.4 feet closet that I wasn't using so thought it will be perfect for an experiment. I am going to be growing from seed to harvest at around 35 to 37 C/ 95 to 98 F using heavy clay soil that I found in the street, it is very...
  3. L

    Ventilation issues

    So I have a room that is 9ftx3.5ftx6ft , from calculations I've seen you multiple these together and then multiple that answer by 1.2 (20% for carbon slumber loss) which gives me 226cfm, I have a 300 cfm 6" fan, my filter and fan are mounted to ceiling above light together then a 6" duct runs...
  4. T

    Controlling Temperature in DS60 Tent

    Hope everyone is well! I am using a DS60 tent with a 250w hps. Have set up a bubble pot and have 2 fans in the tent. Running a TT extractor and getting negative pressure. The problem I have is the heat being too high. I have tried all sorts with this setup but still getting temps 38oc at...
  5. C

    Heat vs light tradeoff for max yield

    Hello all! Ok, so my setup is as follows: i have 5 plants (chiesel) about 4 weeks into flowering. For the veg and the first 2 or 3 weeks of flower i used a 400w MH and HPS respectively. Then i got a 600w system and hooked that up. Grow space is a 1.2m x1.2m x1.8 (or 2m, cant remember lol). Only...
  6. P

    Please help with ventilating a dr80

    I have a DR80 and am having a hard time keeping my temps below 80F. I am using a mini pulsar 250 watt switchable light which is an all in one lamp with ballast built in. I also have a 5" can-fan (206 CFM) that i am using for an exhaust at the top of my tent. my can-fan is sitting on top of my...
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