high times

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    Care packages ready to go out this week . Sorry about wait wanted my fella friends to try this cherry bomb too . Hope you enjoy family thank you all!!
  2. R

    Greeting fellow 420ers!

    Just joined the community and wanted to stop by and say hello from San Rafael, California. Here's a photo I took today during my 4/20 4:20 session. :Namaste:
  3. greenthumbesg

    Schizophrenia & Bud

    Hi i have been diagnosed with pre schizophreniophorm disease at age 21 (im 22 now). I have been smoking for 9 years and i am use to having outer body experiences. at first i was not a heavy smoker and i still am not. i find smoking cannabis to be a relaxing hobby as well as growing. i sometimes...
  4. U

    welcome to "highville"

    Have you ever imagined a town where everyone in the community was high? Marijuana is legal and are sold next to cigarettes in convenient stores. What do you think the pros and cons would be? Would it be peacful? How would life in this type of community be like? Would your town be securely...
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