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high yeilding auto

  1. J

    400-650g/m2 yielding autos? Fact or fiction?

    By doing more in depth searching around for strains I want to grow in a much improved dwc hydro system and large grow box..plus all the other required products for the highest Quality/Yeilds (that I could afford) I came across a few autos: Pineapple Express 400-600g/m2 and Ryno Ryder...
  2. Perfect Sun LED

    I found the powerful auto and a big yeilder

    The strain I grew and got tested at a lab was Think Different by Dutch Passion Seeds. This is a big yeilding and powerful strain. I grew it and got it tested. 19% thc and 3% cbd. That is amazing. It is a fantastic auto. I created feminized pollen from a plant I grew from their seed...
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