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  1. GanjaCrackerG

    How to keep my plant height low in my space bucket

    I'm am growing in a unit made from a system of five gallon buckets. I currently only have 32" of hight to grow in and I know the plant I have might exceed that. I'm not trying to make it taller because thats just too easy haha.
  2. P

    What are some fast flowering short height photo strains?

    I am new to growing and all i grew was a autoflower. I want to try to grow a photo plant. I want a strain that stays under 2 feet in hight and flowers fast. Can you suggest some strains ? Prefebly feminized photo seeds
  3. P

    When seed banks list the height of a plant is the height including the flower pot?

    I bought a autoflower straint that grows from 12 to 24 inches tall listed by the seed bank. does that mean 12 to 24 inches on top of the hight of my flower pot ? Or is that hight including the hight of my flower pot
  4. W

    Easy light adjustment

    Hey all thought id share with you a technique im using to make adjusting my lights hight easier and also give you an unlimited choice of hight. Its a knot i used to use when abseiling called an italian hitch. Tie a slip not in one end of your string/rope to attach to your light rig, put...
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