1. Southerncough

    Abandoned Sensi Seeds Hindu Kush In Coco 2018

    Greetings fellow growers! Thought I'd start the new year with a new strain/journal. Due to the seeds being difficult to obtain I've decided to pop one and possibly clone her to SOG a harvest and go from there. Because she's not a tropical strain I wanted to run her during our "coolest" time of...
  2. Jackalope

    Hindu 101

    Nope this is not a class. This is better. Finally after 101 days I harvested the last Hindu Kush. It was still putting out new white hairs everywhere. Not sure if this plant would have ever totally finished. There was now amber trichromes at all. Most were clear with huge round heads. Still...
  3. Jackalope

    Hindu Harvest

    Finally! Day 95 finally got to harvest 2 of the 3 Hindu Kush plants. Long wait but I'm pretty sure it will be worth it. This strain is pretty gooey. plant 1 Close ups. This plant looks like it will produce more. Plant 1 and 2 were both topped before flowering. Got to give...
  4. Jackalope

    Sensi Seeds Hindu Kush

    They say it is supposed to finish around 50 days. This is day 72. Covered in white hairs and still going strong. Not to much of a big deal. I have a Malawi that needs a lot more time too. 1 Hindu is starting to show some red hairs and is bulking up. Can't wait to see this bud when it is bulked...
  5. S

    Abandoned Newbie Grow - Hindu Kush - November 2013

    Hey 420mag. I've always loved watching and following grow journals. I have been lurking for a while, but since i got my own grow now, i decided to do my own journal. I started out by planting 3 ruderalis seeds to have something to practise on, before i planted my indica Hindu Kush seeds...
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