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  1. C

    High As A Giraffe's Ass

    This is Cozz McSlop, official CANNAssuer from Houston, Tx. I took the name from the 1973 Funkadelic album Cosmic Slop. I'm a freelance illustrator, specializing in putting a 420-spin on tried-and-true themes. Let's network! Whether you wanna talk business or chew the fat, if you hit me up, I...
  2. Poke Smot

    I'm Back

    So after almost 6 years of being in hiding...I'm back. Hello to all new members and veterans from the past. Hit me up if you want some advice
  3. D

    Oh so curious?

    Very very light user, last use was one hit from a vape pen a month ago, time before that was one hit in august and before that last use was June wondering if I cut, dye, then relax my hair would I stand a chance of passing hair test in the next week or two?
  4. Serpent

    Long Time Here - First Journal

    Hey 420 people for the people that don't know me my name is Shelby i grow for my sister she is disability i have never done a journal so sit back roll a joint hit a Dab and relax :thanks: this grow we are doing Chocolatelop,Purple Kush,Candy Kush,Cannatonic. Any help full tips and tricks hit...
  5. R

    How to do a bong hit?

    So I just tried smoking from a bong yesterday. I have smoked from a blunt 2 or 3 times before. But yesterday, I think I might have smoked too much, leading to headache, dizziness and stomach ache Is it just because I took too much or is there a proper way to smoke from a water pipe? Because I...
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