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    Need to make sure system is clean

    I haven't smoked in a month and then Saturday I took 3 hits and then Sunday I took 3 hits...how long will it take to leave my system while I drink water cranberry juice and run to sweat?? I think I will have a drug test this week or next week
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    Newbie - Smoked twice in my life

    Hello, all! I'm from Michigan and I've decided to begin this adventure on the Medical Marijuana Program. I have pain from Lupus (SLE) sarcoidosis and Lofgren's Syndrome. I am in my 21 day waiting period for my license to arrive and already have an assigned caregiver. I have questions, so...
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    You Guys Remember Power Hitters?

    Remember those Power Hitters, or Bedtime Buddies I think some used to call them, well I was cruising along and found these guys and ordered one, felt just like being back in '84... Promise i'm not selling anything here but I figured i'd share the link, The Guy in the video sounds just like...
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