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    FlavoursUk Coco Coir Black Domina Grow Journal

    Hi all and :welcome: to my second grow journal. I Will be keeping you all updated regularly on how im getting on as long as you all stay tuned. :thumb: Strain - Black Domina Indica 95% Veg or Flower stage? Veg. If in Veg... For how long? 3 weeks and 4 days. Indoor or outdoor? Indoor...
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    Please help

    Hey, New to the forum just had some questions for you guys, first time grower, love this hobby to bits but just having problems pin pointing my problems please help?
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    High-Rise Low Budget - Indoor Sun/Lights Grow & Reveg - Storm Trooper

    High Everyone :volcano-smiley: This will be my second journal...the first one of which I'm sad to say was abandoned as I had some drainage issues and the plant died. But both grows have been in my high-rise condo that is fortunate enough to have ridiculous amounts of natural sunlight...
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    New Member from the Great White North

    Hello all. Coming at you from Canada reporting live for Crop King Seeds sprimg 2016 contest and more after that for sure....(the contest was the catalyst in me joining up) Good luck to everyone who enters and hopefully I got my signature figured out lol. I grow in dwc...tiny op just enough to...
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    New guy from Canada

    Hey how's it going?! I've been creeping around the forums soaking up all he info and finally decided to post. I am on my second/thirdish grow. I grew in the past as a hobby, I started again as a family member dear to me fell ill to cancer and also had a load of other medical conditions. I was...