1. hazeluv69

    Rips & tears in leaves? Help!

    Well firstly I’m growing in coco coir, canna range , flowering week 2 ph 6-6.3 , temps 25-28 lights on, humidity 50-70 mainly 50/60. Seeing all these tears and rips in my leaves , haven’t spotted any pests even using a microscope . Have had sticky traps up since day one and I never open up the...
  2. F

    LED grow tent UK burn holes or hotspot issues

    Hi could anyone tell me what this could be with my plants i dont think it’s nutrient burn or pest bugs issue or ph problems as i ph at 6.2
  3. IMG_20200525_122001.jpg


    Easy two feet down dug
  4. IMG_20200425_172942.jpg


    Hole shot two
  5. IMG_20200425_172946.jpg


    Hole shot
  6. U

    GSC Auto - New & old growth yellow spots & holes? Help!

    Hey guys, 1st post and in need of some advice/help diagnosing this issue. I havent run into this before and have done some research but cant quite put my finger on what is going on. I have 5 Autos growing indoors/tent, running a 24/0 light cycle, using coco/perelite mix (70-30) and General Hydro...
  7. FoolsParadise

    Burlap Bag Guerrilla Grow

    Last year was the first chance I had to grow near our property in the middle of nowhere. But when I found a nice sunny spot in the woods, the ground was mostly rocks with sand. Needed a pick axe to dig holes. It was on a hill so keeping the soil in the hole was a challenge. Not much of a yield...
  8. Scrogdawg

    Question about weaving a scrog?

    I've begun weaving my 2 RDWC plants around under the scrog screen. My screen has 3" holes and is 10 holes long by 8 holes wide giving me a total of 80 holes. I simply thought 1 hole, 1 bud site, turns out its pretty hard to make that happen. My questions are...If correctly done is it feasible...
  9. J

    Newbie questions - Photos attached - Any help would be much appreciated

    I am starting a grow in my basement. I am finishing up electrical this week; Sub panel and Titan controls helios 9. I am spray foaming all the walls and ceilings next week and blue boarding and plastering. I have a flower room that is 9'x9' and a veg room that is 5'X9. Ceilings are only 7 feet...
  10. M

    My mother

    I have a set up im putting together.. Right now I have enough equip for a seed starter and / or a small cloning set up soon I am going to double this set up. My question is pertaining to my mother/s. I have found many hydro set ups I like and in sure many would as well but ive only seen certain...
  11. R

    Please help - My baby is growing holes and I find these pest crawling around it

    Help I keep finding these little fuckers hiding in the grooves on the top side of my leafs they appear to look yellow and black to the naked eye and this is thru my jewlers lope and it has been squished lol if you need pictures of plants holes please just ask
  12. M

    Holes on leaves - Any ideas?

    Hi everyone- novice grower here seeing some leaf issues on one of my outdoor plants. The plant itself looks healthy, see first picture, but a few leaves have holes in them, which I assume are being caused by some sort of pest, but I don' t see anything under any of the leaves. I've cut the...
  13. D

    Outdoor Grow Watering While Out of Town

    Hi, I'm going out of town for a week and have no one to water my 4 plants. They are in 5 gal buckets with holes. Can I water the plants the day I'm leaving, and place the plants, in a tub of water, about half way up the bucket? Can the plants draw in the water through the holes in the...
  14. K

    Rootbound? 5wk old autoflower in flowering

    This plant is acting up all weird, what should I do with it? I read that it's not a good idea to repot it when it's flowering? But the bottom pot holes are filled up with roots, cant even see the soil anymore through these holes. runoff ph etc is fine too (bout 6,5)
  15. B

    A question about the root zone

    So, this appears to apply to all sort of plants in and aero garden at the very least, and it may be a common occurrence, I don't know and I'm curious if other people know and if there is a way to take a vantage of it. During my first grow, which was in an aero garden extra LEDin order to...
  16. B

    Size of hole to dig?

    Hello from Nova Scotia,,im getting ready to start and dig some holes ,,as the last couple years i just used buckets and i feel that my plant wasnt getting to grow to full size,,,,im just wondering how wide,,deep my holes should be,,the ground that i will be digging is like a clay material,,that...
  17. O

    Calcium Deficiency?

    The first 2 pics look like calcium deficiency to me but who knows? the second 2 pics with the holes is a different plant with different set up, i just dont know why it has holes now?, its hard to match these to the picture charts that ive seen but thats where i came up with calcium. I still...
  18. FoolsParadise

    Need Guerrilla Grow Site Advice

    I tried to PM a knowledgeable member with some of my questions, but don't have 50 posts yet. So I'll start a thread. Now that deer season is (mostly) over, I've started scouting and preparing my guerrilla grow spots for next season. My household smokes about 3-4 pounds per year, so I'm...
  19. D

    Delahaze Problem

    Hi, this is my first grow. I have just one plant set up however have come into a problem you might be able to help me with? My plant is 1 and a half weeks old but it has developed a small hole in the leaf. I have posted some pictures../ Anyone got any ideas why there is a hole and what could...
  20. D

    help/Advice - Holes In leaves?! NL Auto

    Hi all! Am about 5 weeks from seed on my first Indoor grow, 250wt HPS, 120wt CFL's and 70w t5 Fluro Tube. Have 3 x Northern Light Auto Flowers. It appears that a couple of leaves on each of the plants have holes in them. Only a couple, very small. No signs of pests at all. it does...
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