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  1. Cannapot

    Cannapot - Holy Smoke Seeds - Nice Reduction Of Most Cannabisseeds

    Hi :Namaste: We are just running a realy interesting special at our shop - we have reduced most of the seeds by Holy Smoke and we think this is not bad :) Here you can check out the whole productlist of the cannabisseeds we have for sale, we offer regular and feminized cannabisseeds by Holy...
  2. U

    Amazing accidental cross of Holy Grail '69 x Cheese Candy - Holy Moley!

    This is a super fast flowering plant, 49 days this is took down and let me tell you the high is outer this world! the most frosty strain i have had the pleasure to grow. I plan on making seeds from this and keeping this alive!! as it is a unique cross and everyone should have the chance to grow...
  3. H

    Seeds Back in Stock at Herbies - 14th December 2015

    Back in stock.. Tropical Kushmatic Autoflowering Seeds Tropical Red Afro Fems Connoisseur Chemmy Jones Holy Smoke Pink Cadillac Fems Holy Smoke Strawberry Stardawg Fems Simply Female Spineapple Fems Kannabia Gnomo Autos Mandala Satori Top Tao Auto Mix #1
  4. S

    Holy Ghost Seeds?

    Does anybody know where I can find some Holy Ghost seeds? I have search several different places and have had no luck.