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    70W security lights at home depot

    I was home depot picking up wood to finish my cabinet and walk through the light section. I saw some 70w hps security lights for 15 bucks. Now my flowering space is only 18"d x 21"w x78"l (needs i think a 250w). I though i could use 3 of them and put them at different angles to spread the light...
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    RC's Low-Budget Home Depot and Bagseed grow

    If I can grow a bagseed to a decent harvest on a low budget using only supplies from Home Depot, anyone can! starting out with a 100w (fluorex) CFL (outdoor area light) paid 60$ w/ bulb. 10,500 lumens and 6500k color temp germinating in Jiffy 72 plant greenhouse. transplanting to Lambert...
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