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    Drug test on Wednesday/Thursday - Advice?

    Hi all. Here's my situation; I am 18 years old, 5'9, about 180 lbs. I am a light smoker, around 1-2gs a week. Although I don't smoke much, I do smoke most every day. I was dry for about 3 days, then smoked 2gs over the course of 6 days. To clarify, the last day that I smoked was 12/18. I was...
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    Home Drug Testing

    Hello all, Recently, my parents have discovered that I smoke. Although they think I am a every once in a while guy, I'm more of a 5 times a week guy and heavier on the weekends (2 grams per day); nevertheless, they decided they'd tell me that they will drug test me randomly. I know they are...
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