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  1. Thomas M

    Some past flowers part one

    Here is a series of flowers I’ve grown over the last few years. Will post more once I migrate photos for another device. Hope you all enjoy. Just a few. Have thousands more. Once I get around to it I will post some more. Hope you all enjoy.
  2. Thomas M

    I'm new here!

    Actually new to grow forums. Since I just started a new grow. Figured it was a good time to join up, see what you guys think. I have been growing 24-7/365 for the last seven years. Aswell as sporadically through my 20s ( Not like I am now (more like if it does it dies lol) where I have some...
  3. sKyKAI

    Week 3 bloom

    Mystery strains from the personal seed bank… entering through week 3… Im happy … any thoughts, questions, comments or suggestions?!
  4. CapnButter

    DWC grow: are they looking ok?

    Hey everyone! This is my first DWC grow. I am growing in clay medium with a 5 gallon bucket and 3.5 Gallons of water. It is about 14 days from seed maybe a little less I forgot to write it down . Does it look like it’s doing fine so far?
  5. D

    Abandoned My First Grow Box & First Crop Ever

    This is my experience with my first attempt at making a grow box and trying to grow my first crop. When I started I had no prior knowledge on how to grow marijuana at all.....all I knew was I loved to smoke it...and was getting tired of paying for it. So here I am. After much researcher, mostly...
  6. bampdx

    Abandoned BamPDX - 1st Grow - Mystery Indica Bag Seed - CFL & Soil - Indoor Low-Budget DIY Grow

    So, we're less than a month away from recreational legalization of possession, consumption, and home growing here in Oregon. The law becomes active on July 1st, 2015 with up to 4 plants per household. That being the case, I am sure MANY cannabis enthusiasts will begin to pick up the wonderful...
  7. R

    Need some help with home grow please!? (absolutely newbie to weed growing)

    Hello everyone, this is my first time growing marijuana. Where I stay, (that is by the way near Kolkata, India) marijuana grows wild. So I decided to clone one of them and I cut a branch and planted it in a flower pot. But I'm so unsure about the strain, and how much yield it's going to give me...
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