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    GS13 The Government Strain - 0.3 Gram In A J

    I fell upon this strain last night. I was not too impressed by the smell, it lacked that aroma which you enjoy during the skinning up process. However although I was worried I ended up with a load of popcorn compost the crystals and orange hairs gave me some hope. Suffering from chronic...
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    New Grow - Advice Welcome

    Hey peeps, i just started with my plant.it's about 3 weeks young?it looks and is short and small due to minimal light from being outdoors the first 2 weeks.on its third week i eventually brought "her" in (fingers crossed).she started growing out after the transfer was made from out to indoors.No...
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    Hello I am new

    Hello to all hope to share with everyone, I am new to the site and hope to learn and grow together with all.