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home made grow box

  1. zZcommandoZz

    ZZcommandoZz's First Soil Grow Journal, 2019

    so i'm not sure one the strain or genetics of this plant one of my buddy's gave it to to me as a birthday gift its been 14 days since i had it. now is its leaves drooping like that do to over watering? I water every 4-5 days i grow under a 20w blurple (red/blue) i don't have a temp for in my...
  2. shugs420

    First grow box and soon to come grow

    Hey guys ive been building a 36W x 24D x 48H grow box with 3 sections for a all in one micro grow. I need to figure out how to seal the light in and sort out temps but so far so good, if you guys have any suggestions or questions on the project feel free to ask !
  3. M

    Mind's First Grow: Royal Dwarf - Autoflower - CFL - Soil - Home-made Growbox

    Hi :420: :welcome: to my first grow! I've read through tons of grow journals, seen some amazing things and even picked up some ideas for my very own first grow. So here is the whole deal itself: I ordered 3 Royal Dwarf seeds: they are autoflowering seeds, a mix of Skunk x Ruderalis...
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