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  1. Hypnotic420

    Started indoors now outdoors

    I started my plant inside and it was going strong. I did some bending to get more areas for colas. Since it’s been nice the last month I started putting it outside. Now it’s an outdoor plant and I noticed that it hasn’t much bigger and the heat is starting to curl up the leaves. Would it be a...
  2. Blkhippiee

    New Grow 4th Week Veg

    Just thought I’d share the progress of my current plant. - Indica, unknown exact strain - 2 CFL lights (100 watts each) - Fox Farms Ocean Forest - Vegging (week 4) So far I’ve topped her once, and started Super cropping. Right now she’s wrapping up week 4 and is entering week 5. I experienced...
  3. A

    43 day plant - 1.5 inch tall?

    its my first grow ever, and i know i have made many mistakes in the past 40 or so days. however i can not understand how two of the same genetics (Dark Angel -Crop King) seeds can turn out so differently. both seeds were planted around december 1st and the one is only an inch tall, while the...
  4. Mr Ganja

    Blue Cheese - My First Grow

    Yo what's up ma fellow buddha brains:51: Been smoking weed for about 10 years now(bliss) and over the years the strength has gone down and the price up:helpsmilie: So i decided Fuck It! I'll grow my Own shit!!! I started 8 days ago from Barney's Farm Blue Cheese Feminised seeds.(Blue...
  5. Mr Ganja

    Growing some Sticky Weed

    Whatsup ma fellow tokers!!:lot-o-toke: This is my first grow, all the information i have gathered to do this is compiled from a number of forums. Just though i'd show you my shit...........see if i am doing ok. Any tips appreciated!!! On my 6th day from seedling. I am using Barney's...
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