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  1. A

    43 day plant - 1.5 inch tall?

    its my first grow ever, and i know i have made many mistakes in the past 40 or so days. however i can not understand how two of the same genetics (Dark Angel -Crop King) seeds can turn out so differently. both seeds were planted around december 1st and the one is only an inch tall, while the...
  2. Mr Ganja

    Blue Cheese - My First Grow

    Yo what's up ma fellow buddha brains:51: Been smoking weed for about 10 years now(bliss) and over the years the strength has gone down and the price up:helpsmilie: So i decided Fuck It! I'll grow my Own shit!!! I started 8 days ago from Barney's Farm Blue Cheese Feminised seeds.(Blue...
  3. Mr Ganja

    Growing some Sticky Weed

    Whatsup ma fellow tokers!!:lot-o-toke: This is my first grow, all the information i have gathered to do this is compiled from a number of forums. Just though i'd show you my shit...........see if i am doing ok. Any tips appreciated!!! On my 6th day from seedling. I am using Barney's...
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