homegrown cfl grow box

  1. Blkhippiee

    New Grow 4th Week Veg

    Just thought I’d share the progress of my current plant. - Indica, unknown exact strain - 2 CFL lights (100 watts each) - Fox Farms Ocean Forest - Vegging (week 4) So far I’ve topped her once, and started Super cropping. Right now she’s wrapping up week 4 and is entering week 5. I experienced...
  2. K

    What cannabis strain do we have in the Philippines?

    My country has some pretty stiff penalties for cannabis where a single joint could land you anywhere from 5-10 years, so most of the cannabis that you would get here are really weak since farmers grown it in the mountains and really dont care of the quality of their buds (seeds,rot,mud,dirt,mold...
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