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  1. TriangleCheese

    Trianglecheese makes tasty dabs: Join me with your interesting extracts

    Greetings fellow growers, I love the feeling when I hit something really hard and tasty like a fine extract. I love smoking nugs but extracts have always been my first choice. I had Blue Gelato 41 and Pink Kush on my last grow and both strains turned out pretty amazing. My Pink Kush plant...
  2. S

    Smokewire Cyber Monday Weeks 25% OFF

    Get 25% off (bongs,grinders,honeycomb,u-perc,hash bags and many more) during cyber Monday Weeks, discount available until 12/10/2014. If you aren't happy with discount check how to get a FREE glass piece: http://stonedstories.smokewire.com/cyber-monday-weeks-on-smokewire/ All discounted...
  3. S

    Smokewire Halloween 2014 - 40% Off

    Honeycomb bong with single percolator, 40% OFF, duration 48 hours. Happy Halloween! http://stonedstories.smokewire.com/2014-halloween-discount/ :Namaste:
  4. S

    Socialization - Discount With At Smokewire.com Online Headshop

    This is a opportunity for everyone! Get yourself your favorite bong for cheep! BIG discount and FREE gifts included in the next 7 days. Save 100 bucks and more! Now! :) Coil, honeycomb bong, straight tube, percolator and many more. Cyber week before cyber week, only on smokewire.com. More...
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