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  1. W


    I'm just starting my 1st grow in 25 years .Lots have changed ,hope to use 402 a big part of my research.
  2. S


    I'm Dee I'm a new grower on my second grow hope to learn a lot on here:thanks
  3. Fabito

    Hello 420Mag fam!

    Hello guys ;) Old stoner, decide to grow something own so i would like to say Hello and High to all the 420Mag family! I'm Fabito from Poland but im living in uk. No experience at all with growing so i hope to get some tips from you guys. My 1st two pots will be Autoflowering OG California Kush...
  4. W

    Crop Circle Auto - First ever grow ever!

    Hi I just posted these in the uk section, hope this is allowed! Day 45 of a alleged 55 day from seed to harvest! Reckon it may need a bit longer but I hope it hurried up so I can flower the others.
  5. Ron Strider

    UK: It's Time To Seek Common Sense On Medical Cannabis

    Record View reacts to Kate Munford's discovery that Sativex - the only licensed cannabis-based medicine in Britain - has given her hope in reducing the size of her cancerous tumors. Any teenager or ageing hippy can walk down the street of any Scottish city and get hold of cannabis without any...
  6. S

    Advice on what leaves to remove - Including pics

    Hi guys and girls, I am in need of some advice please, as you can see form the pics I have two cbd nordle's and there a bit bushy. I think I need to get rid of some of the fan leaves to allow better air flow and light to hit more bud sites that are forming below. I am a little unsure as to what...
  7. I

    Hey 420 Mag Fam

    Glad to be part of the community. Hope to see it grow millions.
  8. Ron Strider

    OH: Medical Marijuana Grow Site In Clark County On State Application List

    A company is hoping to turn a warehouse facility between Dayton and Springfield into a growing site for medical marijuana, according to Clark County records. Pure Ohio Wellness LLC has applied for a state license to become a Level 1 medical marijuana cultivation facility, meaning it could...
  9. idlewild

    Hello from Massachusetts

    I am a new grower from Mass. My first grow was a bit stunted by light issues/inexperience from the get go but it was pretty potent none the less. I hope to learn more from the forums as I am fine tuning things for the second grow.
  10. Tris420

    Which Lamp For My Growbox ?

    Hey 420 Guys .. Im looking for the perfect lamp for my Growbox .. at the moment Im using a Mars Hydro 150 watt but i want more Power .. Size of my Tent is 40cmx40cmx125cm thats 1,31234 feet x 1,31234 feet x 4,10105 feet . Hope you can give me some Advice on which lamp i should buy ...
  11. W

    New to growing

    68 days into a CKS trainwreck auto grow. Hope to learn a few things from this group.
  12. M

    hello from california

    hey im new here,heard about this site and i was very exited.im a proud stoner and grower to,hope to meet new friends here. enjoy the plant :),thanks
  13. T

    New To Site

    Hello everyone, I'm Tracy Woodman, from Chicago,IL and I'm glad to be here, hope to meet new good 420 lovers here. Thanks!
  14. C

    Feel like such a dunce

    Hi I am new here. New as in maneuvering around the sight, posting, etc. From what I have been able to see is some amazing people helping, assisting and caring to the best of their abilities. What a fantastic forum to be a part of. In short time I will be getting my "green" card and I'm sure I...
  15. S

    High everyone!

    All I would like to do is say hello to you guys, hope to join your discussion. Thanks a lot.
  16. taylorhaze15

    My First Grow!

    Just want some help and answers for my stupid ass questions along the way. Hope for your help with my grow! Enjoy!
  17. BudSmoker

    Hey hey

    Hey everyone! im still here! I have been browsing around, just not posting! I hope everyone has a great week!! Smoke up!!
  18. J

    First Time Grower

    Started with two OGKUSH clones that I was gifted. I sure hope you all like lots of questions. They seem to be happy enough after their first 2 weeks in my led lit mylar grow room that I whipped up in the cellar. Actually growing for me and the few clones that I've taken haven't drooped at all...
  19. S

    Hello 420Mag community

    Hi everyone. New to the community and hope to add more positive vibes to it. Bay area native here, have been smoking the kind herb for almost 20 years now. Never a gardener in the past, but I am looking to throw some seeds into some coco coir, put up a tent and really put some time and attention...
  20. H

    Hey everyone

    Just wanted to say hay I'm new here hope to learn a lot and make a few friends:420: