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  1. JimmyJames905

    Hello all

    Hi guys. I'm a new member and ACMPR patient. I've been growing for 20 years and I am a BioTechnology graduate who hopes to work in the booming field of Medicinal Cannabis. Thanks for having me.
  2. S

    Squirrel Hunter

    I was told last week that this plant I found in our hunting woods was not cannabis cause it only had 3 leaves. I knew better because I found it where we scatter our good seeds on the ground in hopes of finding something next year. Well she is sporting the 5 leaf now. Topped here again yesterday
  3. C

    Local Man Hopes to Start Massive Medical Marijuana Grow Operation

    Hempfield TWP. (KDKA) – Rodney Yemc's family owns a facility located on Arona Road in Hempfield Township. What he hopes to do some day with his 25,000 square foot facility is begin a marijuana operation as the state has now legalized medicinal marijuana for medicinal usage. Rodney Yemc has no...