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  1. J

    Male or female?

    Is this a male or female? I'm new to this and I'm hoping I don't have a male
  2. kushiwi

    Hi From Houston

    As you can see from my previous grow journals, I used to live and grow in NZ (some beauties from CKS). Recently come out to live in Houston for work and am totally clueless on the scene here. Hoping to find some friends to tide me over this dry times. Jah!
  3. O

    An honor for me to have found this group

    The admin is probably thinking about my birth date! jajajajaj. It is real, and I am working on my first grow. My little indoors room is almost ready. it is an 8x10 shed, with led lights. I am scared, I have watched over 3000 videos on youtube! And all I can say is! I learned 3000 different ways...
  4. Oldbear

    Auto flower non feminized seeds

    Anyone know a source for auto flower regular seeds? I'm hoping for some males. :thanks:
  5. O

    Grow - Squish - Dab!

    Love squishing and dabbing my own freshly pressed Rosen. This year I thought I would add growing to the equation. I'm legally allowed to grow so I figured why not give it a run. Built an insulated room inside my garage. The room is 6wx8lx8h. Have 1 gavita 750 on one side and 2 advanced...
  6. N


    Germination was good Seedlings looked great Now =/- 6" in Ht. but showing signs of flowers already Grow is outside w/ 10-12 Hrs Light daily was hoping for better Ht. what am I doing wrong? Please help, novis here!:thanks:
  7. B

    Hey all

    Hey everybody. I'm new to growing(i have plants in their 7th week from seed)I am hoping to learn everything I can. :thumb:
  8. E

    Just another noob!

    Hello everyone ! Lots of information on here which is great :thanks: Ive started a couple of clones I have no idea if they are doing well or not but they aint dead Yet! Seems Ive made quite a few rookie mistakes but hoping with some help I can get them back on track. Any advice welcome. They...
  9. OldSchool 64

    Oldschool - Big AutoGrow - Dark Devil - Blue Berry Kush

  10. dr.h00k

    H00ks Hillbilly Grow - Girlz 2016

    Good Evening Buckaroo's...it's growin' time again...just getting this set up for this season's adventure...Put the beans between the sheets this past Sunday(24th)...and on Tuesday put the plant embryo's in some pro mix...Today see's 8 of 12 poking their cute lil heads above ground...hoping that...