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  1. MassMedMan

    Welcome to the Mass Panty Party!

    Ok, much talked about, the time is now to start this next journal since today is 4/20 This will be a co journal or collaboration between yours truly, and Mr. Dutty Panty. Please, stand and give Mr. Panty a big round of applause.:bravo: The grow is this. Six plants, three strains. Mine are...
  2. K

    Drip clean during One day flush in between weeks

    Just some quick background, I'm running an ez cloner and have gotten to the point of running 1/4 strength nutes (about 250 ppm with tap water having 130 ppm) and have been doing a res change and one day flush once every seven days. I run the whole h&g nute line and was wondering if running drip...
  3. H

    Results with House and Garden products

    I am in my fifth week of flowering with the H & G products. All my ladies look very healthy, nice buds forming. Question: If you are using this product, what kind of results are you getting?:MoreNutes:
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