how much

  1. R

    How much can I expect? Flowering

    hi, bro. Now my precious weed is very little left. So I will prepare some of these to bloom. Is it time to be ready to bloom now? Also, how much can I expect from one plant in this size? Merry Christmas :)
  2. Emilya Green

    How much water does soil hold?

    I got curious last night as I watered my babies in their solo/beer cups, and after slowly watering to the point of run off, I weighed my cup. I was shocked to learn that the previous light as a feather cup now weighed almost a pound, or 418 grams to be exact. I was shocked, so I decided to...
  3. P

    Intake to Exhaust newbie questions

    OK so i'm making a closet into a simi-stealth grow cab. Top is for veg bottom is for flower as it is a bigger space. IT's an open closet on the front. My plan was to seal the inside with white plastic to insure air tight, then take a sheet of plywood and cut to fit snuggley into the open whole...
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