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  1. InTheShed

    How I perform LST, low stress training, on my Autoflowers: lots of pics!

    Greetings all! I've had members ask about how I do my LST (low stress training) on my plants so I thought I would do a pictorial on it. My pics are of two different plants but don't let that confuse you. It's just easier to demonstrate that way. Let's discuss the theory behind LST for a...
  2. 31FAFD0A-1A4B-487B-A5BF-45771E5DA46D.jpeg


    This morning all seeds down and in towels let us pray
  3. Growwithme420

    3 Ways To Fix Your Stem Split

    Hi Gromies! So i had a massive split on the main stalk of my Super Lemon Haze. Here is some options to help you fix it when it happens. Option 1) Parafin Wax Strips- These are excellent to repair fresh breaks and smaller branches. Option 2) Zip Ties!- An alternative when you have a DRY...
  4. M

    First Timer

    I'll just jump right into it This is not my first time growing and it won't be my last. Started out with a 6.5' x 6.5' x 6' tall room one light and a heater. Every couple of months I would add to my room and now feel im all set. 3) 40 watt UV light bars (lights of America) 1) 8 inch fan 1)...
  5. Stinky Snid

    Ask Us Anything: Sharing Knowledge 420Style

    Welcome Everyone I am going to start this thread up now, but will be continually adding questions posed to me on various threads or pm's. There have been many great questions asked and I've tried to answer them with the best of my knowledge. I've got to go through all my threads and find these...
  6. LEDRF

    How in the hell do they get their buds so hard?

    This is one way to do it very easily.
  7. D

    Trying to legitimately pass a urine test for a job, help please?

    Hey guys, I'm new here, but I do require a good deal of help on learning how to clean THC out of my system. I'd like to do this legitimately without the use of Detox as I do not have a specific time frame to adhere to, I would just like to apply for the job as soon as possible. Here's some info...
  8. S

    Blundered blender hash? can it still be mean, if its green...

    hi everyone! i just made my very first batch of blender ice hash, although it was a very hard process when you cant find the right screen, screening, or filters easily. i cannot afford to shell out $100. or more on bubble hash bags, so had to do with what i could find. i read alot, and...
  9. N

    Cannabutter - brownies

    hey guys, i have a 250ml mason jar with cannabutter that has an ounce of kush bud in it. how much butter should i use if i want to make brownies??
  10. R

    How to do a bong hit?

    So I just tried smoking from a bong yesterday. I have smoked from a blunt 2 or 3 times before. But yesterday, I think I might have smoked too much, leading to headache, dizziness and stomach ache Is it just because I took too much or is there a proper way to smoke from a water pipe? Because I...
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