hps 1000w

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  2. High pressure sodium love

    High pressure sodium love

  3. Tipistroy

    Tipistroy Perpetual Grow In Coco

    Hi 420 mag folks! I started a new grow 2 weeks ago after being busy all summer. I have 5 strain at the moment and will have a few more in the near future. 1 x critical orange punch feminized (Dutch Passion) 1 x skywalker kush feminized (DNA Genetic) 1 x Blueberry feminized (seedsman) 1 x Badazz...
  4. Phaaaze

    Abandoned Phaaaze's Multi Strain 1000W HPS Grow 2018

    Backstory: Hello, I've been browsing and reading grow journals on this forum for over a year and others for many more. This is my first time starting a grow journal or joining a forum at all, but I've learned so much from reading on this forum I thought why not see what I can give back and...
  5. W

    Completed 10x10 A Journey To Happiness!

    Pics to follow after a few games of SORRY with my wife. This new journal will be a continuous one that will be more pictures than text but I will answer any questions. This story has been in the works for a long time and I currently have about 12 grand invested. I started from the ground up...
  6. MrLoveGrow

    Completed Bailed & Back, HPS, Soil, Perpetual, Multistrain, 60x60x72

    Hello! First off some current bud pics that will be done in 10 days :) being flushed, no crazy stressors. I just want some quality medicine. Big bud on top and Dutch delight on the bottom.
  7. T

    What should I expect from a 1000w HPS light & MH?

    I'll be starting a grow soon, I'l be limited to 6mature plants and 6other plants, I'll be using a HID grow tent package (4x8ft.) If I start growing with my Metal Halide light at first(1,000w), and then switch to the High pressure sodium light(1,000w) for the final cycle how much bud should I...
  8. F

    Abandoned 1st Time Grow - 5 x Moxie Viper City OG Xlll In Soil

    HIGH everybody. I'm hoping I can get some assistance. About 3 weeks into my first grow. I have a ton of information about my setup I would love to share. I hope to gain knowledge from the many experienced growers on this site, as well as possibly help somebody else in my situation. Please let me...
  9. S

    Cannabis yield records - Post your yield!

    Ok 420 I wanted to make a thread wear every one could come and post there yeild. If for nothing else but for bragging right and to know the true potential of a strain. Let's start with some guild lines. Strain Dry weight in grams Days till harvest Medium Nutrients used/feeding...
  10. O

    Completed OregonGrow's Top LED Mars II Grow light Soil Experiment - 2014

    Hi we are OregonGrows and welcome to our first grow journal! We have been growing for the past couple years and are constantly trying new ideas. I first want to thank everyone for posting your journals here as they have been extremely helpful and inspired us to create our own journal to share...
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