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hps + led grow

  1. N

    LED - HPS - Or Both?

    So I am fairly new to the growing community and thinking about starting a 2x2x4 Grow tent with 2-3 Plants, Max. I want to be very precise on the lighting to have a successful harvest although I am kinda torn between two options. I have been told to use LEDs as well as HPS. From what I have...
  2. Autohyponic

    Autohyponic's - DWC SOG Growing 50 Purple Express Auto Fem - 2017

    Hello everyone. I hope the grass is green on this Christmas day 2017. Currently I am on day 70 of my very first grow counting from the day I started germinating. I decided in the beginning if I was going to do this, I would do it the best way I could with the funds I had. My intent was not to...
  3. Tomula

    Tomula's Living Organics In Soil With Olla Irrigation Perpetual Indoor Garden

    Dear people of the forum, all of you helpful and kind souls here and there, everywhere. I'm back, with me- a new grow! No pics, oh no! Come tomorrow! Under purple light glow, where winds always blow, I have something for you now, so grab a bowl of popcorn, and enjoy the show! :yahoo...