1. O

    Crop King Seeds

    Have ordered cks seeds twice; Auto white widow and blueberry. Great results using 600w hps/mh system. Reliable company with apparently good genetics.
  2. MKrop420

    Abandoned Mkrop's DWC

    Specs: Grow space: Indoor 3x3 tent Lighting: Swapping MH/HPS (600W) Method: Deep Water Culture Medium: Hydrocorn Training: ScroG Seed bank: Riot Seeds Strain: Cookie Dream -Strain Type Indica / Sativa Equal...
  3. LilManBudz

    Abandoned Amateur - Trying Small Tent DP White Widow Fem

    Hi guys, don't know if I will post pics yet. I would have to Photoshop them anyway because, of course, this is all hypothetical... you know... I totally didn't grow 3 Bubbleberry plants a few years ago as my first grow... at all... To save time, anything I put in here is made up, any images...
  4. M

    Hortilux 1000W HPS vs White Halo 1000W HPS

    Whats Up Guys! It was time to change my 1000W HPS bulbs for a new cycle. So, I went down to my local Hydro store to pick up some new hortilux bulbs. But my boy started to tell me about some new bulbs they got in called White Halo bulbs. He was raving about them, and how they maxed out the PAR...
  5. K

    switch lights to flower?

    Is it possible to grow quality buds using T5's and cfl through the entire grow or is it necessary to switch to hps when flowering?
  6. jermz508

    can someone help me start my hydro grow anybody?

    IF ANYONE IS EXPERIENCED WITH HYDRO GROWS PLEASE HELP ME OUT? i have the hydro machine [for 6 plants] 1000 watt hps/mh light reflector with glass shield mylar reflective film ducting fan for good air flow ph meter reservoir water heater gh flora 3 kit [micro grow bloom] those...
  7. I

    Abandoned InkJockey's First indoor grow! God's Treat - White Widow

    10 seeds of gods treat came 10 more fem White Widow on its way! im running seedlings / Clons : Jiffy 7 cubes (i brought the self watering humity dome) two 24 inch 20 watt T12 Full specturm (thinking about taking it back and buying used T8 system with 8 bulbs for half the price hmm what to...
  8. E

    2 pound harvest every month- grow strategies

    Im moving into my new place in about a month, and I want to get my diagram set up now so I can get started right away. My goal is roughly 2 pounds of dried, cured bud every month. I am looking for numerous different ways that you experienced growers believe that I can achieve this goal...
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