1. wildride

    14 Different Strains Grow

    Hey, Just cracked my seeds for my Strain Test run. Gonna run off 14 Different strains at once, popped em in my water ( seperate glass of water for each seed ) 24 hours ago had 1 crack at 13 hrs, 1 at 14 and 1 at 15 roughly. 1: Blueberry from Canuk Seeds. ****** cracked and root at 13 hours...
  2. J

    Week 3 newbie CFL grow - 12 hrs after transplants - Help

    Okay guys i redid my space,got rid of the aluminum foil and got some reflective material on my wall. But obviously the biggest thing is i transplanted my gals into new pots. They look like theyre doing ok but i did put cloth on top of the soil to prevent fungus gnats from coming bck, i think i...
  3. N


    Germination was good Seedlings looked great Now =/- 6" in Ht. but showing signs of flowers already Grow is outside w/ 10-12 Hrs Light daily was hoping for better Ht. what am I doing wrong? Please help, novis here!:thanks:
  4. P

    Help - Freezing temps

    hey everyone ..on my second grow and was going great until last night sometime power went out and shut my heater down and temps reached -5 C... ..was a sad sight for sure ...not sure how long they were under freezing but guessing 4 - 5 hrs ...girls all wilted some branches folded in half ...i...
  5. O

    My Most Recent Grow Attempt - 4th Time Is The Charm

    closet bag seed germinated august 31 medium - soil lights - fluorescent 4 ft 500 and spirals nutes- manure bloom more dr shultz rain water pesticide - neem oil and/or tobacco juice 36 potential plants This is my fourth grow and will be the second that may produce and...
  6. S

    Plants won't flower

    I am currently growing 2 super skunk and 2 strawberry kush. Fem Seeds. Using 600watt HPS, Ocean Forest soil after repotting and Happy Frog before. Using RO water supplemented with Cal/Mag and adding 20 ml of Botanicare Pure Blend Pro/gal. since switching light hrs. Vegetative stage was awesome...