hso blue dream

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    And back to my outdoor blue dream to smoke from hso I really enjoy this taste and smoke wish was a bit stronger in thc but hey I grew it . Proud papa
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    Blue dream nug shot
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    Blue dream bud porn what a smell
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    HSO Blue Dream, 5gal coco, Floranova+additives
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    Blue dream shot @InTheShed this plant makes my mouth water I’m not even kidding it sends me to a place of tranquility I swear it . I could take that and put it into a car air freshener I swear .
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    Family shot Of the girls
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    Abandoned Cloning With My GH Waterfarm

    As some may know I'm a noobe on da site but may sa well start somewhere. So I have shown too of my babies so far well 4 but the too that we're together I will b topping the hso blue dream in bout 6-8weeks. Know I said 6 but for my process that stalk, stem, whatever sounds best has to firm up for...
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