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  1. T

    Testing New HSO Genetics: Running Kind LED Xl1000 Grow light, Gorilla Grow Tent

    Hey everyone, thanks for tunning in! I'm new to the grow journal world but not so new to writing and growing category so this should be a blast! Id like to first explain a bit about myself, the lovey grower of these amazing beans I was gifted by Ras at HSO in Spain. I go by Soil Man Dan and...
  2. Gift of Fire F2

    Gift of Fire F2

    Humboldt Seed Organization test pack
  3. Bubba 76

    Bubba 76

    Humboldt Seed Organization test pack
  4. Humboldt Seeds for Testing

    Humboldt Seeds for Testing

    Humboldt Seed Organization provided me with 10 regular seeds each of: Bubba 76, Platinum Yeti F3, Gift of Fire F2, and Sour 76
  5. nobodyhere

    DP Auto Duck Inside & Out With BOG Bogglegum Inside Under Cob

    Welp, after a couple months off I am back. I had to breakdown the tent for some crawlspace work this spring. Now that is done so I can soak some seeds. BOG Bogglegum-Last year I tried a photo for my 1st grow, they looked excellent, but were males. I dropped three of those seeds in tap water to...
  6. IcyStacks

    750W HSO Amherst Sour Diesel Coco Grow - Day 35 Flowering

    Been lurking forums for years now, soaking up all the positive vibes & information.. And figured it was time to do some posting of my own ;). I'm immensely grateful to all the wonderful folk who've been posting helpful information over the yrs. It's been a wonderful, enlightening, blissful...
  7. B

    Bio HSO 10 Plant Journal

    Will get pictures up straight away
  8. M

    Hi - New member new grow

    :thanks:Hello everyone, I'm mooshu and I have been growing medical marijuana for quite sometime now and love the experience. I'm no expert what so ever so any constructive criticism is always welcome (it helps and is necessary for improvement). I'm currently running a rdwc system sort...
  9. D

    HSO 707 Headband Twins AKA Sweatband

    I had all intentions of continuing to be a 420mag lurker, just stay in the shadows. Then this happened and I thought the community would enjoy it. These were freebies from a non sponsored seed bank. No clue where this is gonna go. Medium? Style? All I know is that I will try my best to...
  10. T

    Help! Blue Dream leaves yellowing/spotting in flowering

    Hi guys! First time poster...long time creeper lol. Amazing amount of knowledge and experience on here from everybody makes it easy for a new grower to have their questions answered (if you know how to use the search bar). Anyway I've ran into a problem where I could use some brainstorming...
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