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  1. C

    Clones & Seeds In Coco Side By Side

    I have started my 2nd grow about 3 weeks ago. 9 Huckleberry clones were planted into 2 ltr fabric pots filled with coco on the 31st January. Addiontially 1 heavyweight, green ninja seed was planted a week later into again a 2ltr fab pot with coco. And then a few days later 2 x sour diesel by...
  2. Beavis

    Beavis' 1st Grow - Doc Bud's Hi Brix Soil - Huckleberry Kush - PS500

    Hello to 420 Mag and all the wonderful people here! :welcome: I am getting started on my first grow and boy am I excited! Got my hi brix kit from Doc Bud a couple months ago then popped a few beans so I figured I'd get started with my first grow journal. Wooohooo. Warning: I'm a...
  3. TorturedSoul

    Huckleberry Strain - Looking For Information

    I have a few seeds soaking. Hasn't been my week for that, apparently, but one seems to have cracked within the last hour or so. I have NO information at all about it - the little bag just has a hand-written label that states "Huckleberry, feminized." Does anyone know anything about this one...
  4. Nicholas Flamel

    The Flower Shower Of Buds - LED - Soil - General Organics

    Hello my fellow bud lovers! The last journal was fun so ill do another. As some of you already know, i have a vivid imagination. I recommend smoking a bowl 5 min prior to viewing this journal to get full effect. Strains in Flower: Goldmine Fem (Heavyweight seeds) day 14 Flower...
  5. ShiggityFlip

    Shiggityflip Hits The Brix - Growing Using Doc Bud's High Brix Soil Kit

    My pheno hunt is still going on but it seemed wise that I do a run of the different clones in Doc's High Brix soil, as what may be one case with chem nutes may not be the same in Doc's High Brix soil. Different phenos may emerge in the different environment. So I decided to start this second...