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  1. Perfect Sun LED

    8 Foot Wide Haze, Organic LED Grow

    Hey, everyone, Happy 420. Me and the wife started a new grow. This Critical Haze vegged for 100 days while we grew some autos. Now she is in flower. This is DAY 1. This is an organic living coco grow. FLOWER DAY 1 Lights: Perfect Sun Max Yield and Perfect Sun Mega. 650w and 540w. -- Max Yield...
  2. Z

    Huge Outdoor MasterKush

    Hello fellow growers! I felt compelled to start a journal, even though it's already 2 months into grow, to share this beauty. This is simply the biggest Master Kush I have ever seen, with still over a month of growing phase I'm pretty sure she will surpass the legendary Big Buds I once had in...
  3. ChiliHead

    ChiliHead - Balkan Outdoor Bag Seed

    Well hi there 420ers,this is mu first post here so lets introduce all of you to mu current grow ;) The site is very well hidden,near the stream which is very important to me because of easy watering. Direct sun all day long. I just transplanted her from 0.5l pot to forest soil where the...
  4. P

    First Grow - Insane Results - 1 plant 400 W MH/HPS - BC God Bud clones!

    I want to make this as simple to follow as possible so read this intro to understand what's going on. Thank you. Hey guys first off let me introduce myself since this is my first post ever. I am your average stoner who's growing weed legally. This is my first grow and the reason why I made a...
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