1. engineerweed

    My 45 degree girl

    Here is my prized baby.My second year of growing now.She is a mango hybrid and n HST her to a 45 degree permanently i straightened out the branches while she was still growing
  2. IMG_20180908_154124996.jpg


  3. C

    1st time flowering! Huge NYC Diesel

    Hi All I was given this NYCD Clone by a mate and have had it for close to a month now so started flowering about a week ago. These are the pics from when I received her to now. Will update with bud porn as she grows. :volcano-smiley:
  4. cnile

    Root development during flower

    im wodering if it could be smart to allow my HUGE girls in 5 gal smart pots to expand during their flower. they were switched like 10 days ago at most maybe 7 they were kept in veg for very long time. 3 months or more. they are huge. they are already in flower. should i just bottom...
  5. Resinman

    Nimbin mardi grass 2017

    Come on aussies. Come support our medical plant and help to legalize. Huge 3 days of everything weed.
  6. D

    Dark Angel in flower

    I'm about two weeks in. This strain is tough as nails. A huge pot turned over and landed on top of one of these girls. It was like that all night and, somehow she bent but didn't break anywhere. Next morning, picked it up, gave it more dirt fed it's my best They're...
  7. fanleaf

    Anyone here used Mammoth P?

    I bought a bottle of Mammoth P after reading what I could find and seeing some "youtube results". Seemed very promising and interesting. I'm not a big person that falls for everything you see in Youtube vid's but theres a guy with a huge Cree LED layout that seems to have had a huge side by side...
  8. BonzaSeedBank

    Bonza Sale - 25% Off All Auto Flowering Strains

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  9. BonzaSeedBank

    Huge Promo Going On At Bonza Seedbank!

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  10. L

    I need your opinion please!

    So this plant has been in veg stage for a few months, I feel like it's kinda "narrow"?! The fan leaves on the bottom are drooping from the stem, to the point that they are touching the soul, the fan leaves are huge! Do you think that's why? If you can take a look at the photo and let me know...
  11. solareclipse

    Another way of LST-ing - Wiring

    hi...recently i saw some bonsai makers and i discover that....everyone can use it different...maybe on branches...or from begin to make a huge plant...u will see and understand....i believe is a good idea...what u believe about that?
  12. BudBadger

    Abandoned First Grow - DWC - LSD - 600W MH/HPS

    Hey 420 team glad to finally be up and running!! First a huge thanks to all the rookies and pros and all in between for sharing your slips, tricks and remedies through your journals its a huge huge help!! Well so here I am BADGER on the start of this journey seems like ive been waiting for this...
  13. trichomes

    Scary in my yard, near my girls

    these are aggressive, sound like Hummingbirds, so big, you can hear their wings as they buzz my head every day right after dark, caught this with my bait net. Ever seen one? I'm on the lookout for eggs , then, caterpillars the size of fingers!
  14. O

    Mega Plant

    This plant was started in February (RIP in early September) by a buddy on mine with some bag seed. It was grown in a 20 gallon hole filled with potting soil, some 10-15-10 micronutes, pelletized 10-10-10, and all day sun eventually adding some Tigerbloom about 2 weeks before it split. She grew...
  15. smoove

    Abandoned More Buckets! 1000W GWS

    so i am catching ya'll up a little late, but better than never. ok, so over the last year i have lent a couple kiefed-out hands to a good friend(i'll let you figure out who), who just finished their most recent project. helping and learning every step of the way, now it's time for me to get...
  16. Smokin Moose

    Creme De La Creme Cannabis Photos

    I invite all members to post their favourite bud or plant shot in this thread. I am after your favourite image, that you feel best represents your love of the plant, or a personal growing achievement. I will start this thread with an image that is my most special pic. Please add ONE image each...
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