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    Heat and misting

    Is it safe to mist my plants if it is extremely hot & humid and sunny out.
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    Humidity problems

    Hey everyone, I'm having a hard time Keeping my humidity above 50%. I have a boiler pan that I keep water in to evaporate, but it doesn't do much. 38-48. Its steadt at 80 degrees. canopy is what my guess is, there isnt much evapoation. I have a Ven-tech 4 ich scrubber. I imagine that isnt...
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    Humidity question

    I posted previously in veg section. First grow in closet. 1/2 for growing, other 1/2 for clothes. How do I increase the humidity in closet without humidifying my whole apt? My temp in closet is 89 and the humidity is only 29%. Live in Las Vegas, NV so you can guess why. I know I need the...
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