humidity dome

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    Humidity domes installed. Only the best and finest equipment here. Tupperware!
  3. OMGReptar

    Should I take the plastic bag dome off? Pics Included

    Hey everyone! I’m excited about my first grow, but I’m a little concerned about my 3 plants. They’ve all sprouted, but I’m not sure if the humidity dome I’ve created is hurting them right now. I’ve got them in a grow tent indoors. They’re planted in Happy Frog soil. I’m using a LED Electric Sky...
  4. Humidity Dome?

    Humidity Dome?

    Re-purposed slow cooker
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    Berry Bomb Clone
  6. M

    New Grower Question regarding germination

    Hello All, So I am brand new to growing but so far have had a blast reading all of the information on the forums and other various sites. I finally got my tent all equipment set up. I ordered some seeds from Attitude and they have arrived to me. Took about 14 days ordered on a Saturday...
  7. WestSideGrow

    Humidity dome

    Question of the day for me 420members, why and when should I use a humidity dome ? :peace:
  8. C

    Clones in Humidity Dome

    HELP!! Please!! I'm new to the website and new to growing. I started with five different strains under a 400w MH light in a tent. They are growing great and I decided to make some clones off them. I believe I cut them right, planted them in a coco blend soil like their parents and put them in...
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