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    TJ's SuperSoil Apple Blossom Organic Grow Journal - 2021

    Strain: Apple Blossom from Humboldt Seed Company Effect: Hybrid (50% Indica 50% Sativa) | Average THC 26-30% Still setting up indoor grow; plan to start within 2 weeks 2/3 Dr. Earth Pot of Gold potting soil on top & 1/3 Super Soil mix from Fox Farms on bottom 5 gallon Air-Pots 2 plants 600 W LED...
  2. Strawberry Lemonade3.jpg

    Strawberry Lemonade3.jpg

    Strain: Strawberry Lemonade
  3. Strawberry Lemonade

    Strawberry Lemonade

    Strain: Strawberry Lemonade
  4. Strawberry Lemonade

    Strawberry Lemonade

    Strain: Strawberry Lemonade
  5. Strawberry Lemonade (Alternate Pheno)

    Strawberry Lemonade (Alternate Pheno)

    Strain: Strawberry Lemonade
  6. K

    New grower having worries need help please

    So I’ve been trying to grow plants out doors I live on the east coast one of my plants look different then the others and starting to yellow I changed the soil last night cause I didn’t start out with the right soil I am now using happy farm I’m unsure of the strain moved and ended up mixing all...
  7. DopeLife

    How do you identify the strain?

    Hello it’s me again! How do you identify the strain? Indica? Sativa? Hybrid? ‍♀️ Seeds were given to me and only one sprouted….! As of now she’s growing beautifully (I think!!). Any help is much appreciated.
  8. D

    Green Crack Punch, RQS

    First ever Drain to waste setup... Yo gromies, Entered week 7 of the above strain. Hoping to recieve some interaction on grow diaries... advice, tips & tricks. See the diary here... Green Crack Punch Log (RQS) Still a newb and planting seeds of knowledge everyday. Keep growing!!! Dankophrenic
  9. grow boy420

    Dark Angel Hybrid hda347f3 seed germination

    i have created a variant strain of dark angel from ********seeds Dark Angel variety with Northern Lights. The seeds that have been produced are full term but are light in colour..almost white with black stripes..i call these seeds hda347f3..hybridized dark angel from plant parents 3, 4, and...
  10. djashdj

    Outdoor, Autoflower, Early Miss, GG#4, TrainWreck, N.Lights, Pacific NorthWest Region

    Just getting this started. I haven't even begun germination. I should slap this disclaimer down now. I'm a TECH NERD and I've NEVER gardened a DAY in my life and I've only murdered indoor plants with neglect. I am however a great cook and baker and meticulous about following directions...
  11. Liam300

    Ice Cream Cake Grow Journal

    What’s going on guys, this is my 2nd time around with this plant and I love it! This plant i cloned from a mom I started up and she has loved her life growing vigorously. I vegged her for about a month and a half under a little 60w led and now that I flipped her to flower i put her in the bigger...
  12. Rbow Jones colors

    Rbow Jones colors

    Starting to throw in some nice colors :)
  13. johnnystackz

    Johnnystackz's Second Grow: Dosipunch, Wet Betty, Molten Lava, White Linen, 3 Bears OG, Indoor 2020

    Welcome to Johnnystackz Second Grow! Welcome again everyone! So I have sprouted about 10 babies with 3 not germinating to well so here are 7 successful sprouts that I'm going to try to stay consistent with and make sure there is a good sight of daylight from the start. As of right now I have...

    Zombie Kush by Prime Cannabis In Las Vegas

    Heavy Indica Alert!!!! So this Zombie Kush is something else. It’s technically a Indica Hybrid but this strain is a knockout! It was grown by Prime. It’s 28% THC and was high in Pinene A and B as well as Caryophyllene, meaning that it helps with pain, stress and increases alertness. This bud...
  15. Vaporizer

    Banana Poundcake Review

    BANANA POUNDCAKE The legendary Golden State Banana was hit with London Pound Cake. Banana Pound Cake is an indica leaning hybrid. Reason for the C+ grade was simply because the overall high as very short. Taste, flavor and smoke were fantastic though. Will revisit this strain when...
  16. Green Poison CBD

    Green Poison CBD

  17. Auto AK 48

    Auto AK 48

    after harvest
  18. WestCountryGrower

    Started Week 5 Of Flower: Nuken, 24k, Sativa, Indica

    Pretty darn happy about the progress on my very first grow, I have a soil mixture that I came up with on my own, and I am using a 5x5 Mars hydro grow tent with a Mars Hydro 2000 TSW. The nutrients that are using are from Green Planet and I'm also using some Remo products for the Cal Mag and kelp...
  19. Maelstrommi

    Karribean Mango Strain pics

    Hi! Lets post pics of KB Strain. Heres my newest bud-shot and other pics! Week3 Flowering under 400w hps in a 90cmx90cmx180cm mammoth grow tent. With one Mystery outdoor sativa strain. I Try to update weekly.
  20. Pearcey's Plants

    Pearcey's Plants: Dancehall Bag Seed

    I started my first grow a couple weeks ago with Dinafem Road Runner #2 seeds. I germinated some Dancehall seeds a couple weeks later, January 11, 2020. Variety: 60/40 Sativa Plant Stage: Vegetation, Week 2 Location: Indoors Dimensions: 3' x 2.5' x 3' Pot Mixture: Soil Light: 12x 23W 6500k CFL...
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