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  1. Super lemon haze/Jabba stash

    Super lemon haze/Jabba stash

    1 plant weight
  2. Super lemon haze/Jabba stash after cure

    Super lemon haze/Jabba stash after cure

    Tight stickey sweet smelling buds
  3. Super lemon haze/Jabba stash week 9 flower

    Super lemon haze/Jabba stash week 9 flower

    Close up shot.
  4. T

    Toad's Sticky Sundae Grow!

    Whats up everyone! I'm Toad, A Longtime 420magazine lurker that has finally decided to join the party. Here's what I have going on right now... What strain is it? Sticky Sundae (GG#4 x Sundae Driver) By Cannarado Genetics Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? Hybrid Current Stage? 2nd week of...
  5. Super lemon haze/ace of spades

    Super lemon haze/ace of spades

    Third week flower
  6. Third week flower

    Third week flower

    2 small plants under meizhi 300
  7. End of week 6 veg

    End of week 6 veg

    6 sativa dominant hybrids in end of week 6 veg
  8. Th34v4t4r

    DIY Octopot Ammi Haze

    Hey guys.. I'm going to start a new journal off, now I've got all I need to make it a 100% success. So what do we have. Seed: 3x amneisia haze ( royal cannabis seed) Tent: 60w x 120l x 180h light out Lights: 1x viparspectra 600w v/b switch, 1x viparspectra 300w, 1x...
  9. GypsyGirl420

    Northern Lights Male

  10. 20190404_180911.jpg


    Sideview of the Unknown strain, under LST. Stil cannot sex, almost 7 weeks in.
  11. Th34v4t4r

    Th34v4t4r's D.I.Y. Octopot Shananingans

    Hi guys. I've had 2 journals so far. The 1st wasn't great and the 2nd died a death.. I'm up and running again though with more leds and more plants and more determination. I have 1x 300w and 1 x 600w viperspectra leds I'm grow sensi seed from the seed. I terminated 5 and have 3 left.. out of...
  12. DankSwagasaurus

    Dankswag's Indiana Bubblegum x C99 Soil Growage

    Here it is folks! The beginning of it all. Two of my favorite strains clashing in one grow which happens to be my first, on 420 magazine. Im so happy to be apart of this community and just from being a member a couple days ive already learned so much! Thank ya'll! Back to the grow ha. The...
  13. six.jpg


    3rd week of flower
  14. IMG_20180404_1135095.jpg


    Horizontal Growth
  15. IMG_20180404_1134441.jpg


    Vertical Growth
  16. jodyhighrollr

    Jodyhighrollr: Soil, Kali & The Chocolate Factory 2017

    What strain is it? 4x Kali and the chocolate factory Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? What percentages? Hybrid 80% Indica 20% Sativa Is it in Veg or Flower stage? Veg If in Veg... For how long? 2 and 1/2 weeks If in Flower stage... For how long? Indoor or outdoor? Indoor Soil or Hydro? Soil If...
  17. ondercuver

    8 Beans DP Auto Ultimate - Soilless

    Decided to start a journal , it should help me and entertain others... a win-win situation :) What strain is it?-------------------------------------- Auto Ultimate from Dutch Passion Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? What percentages?-- Hybrid Is it in Veg or Flower stage...
  18. andIhalped

    Whatcha growing outdoors next year?

    Most of us in the northern hemisphere probably have this season's outdoor harvest in & drying or curing. But it's not too early to plan. So, whatcha got in the chute for next season? My lineup: - a Lebanese landrace hybrid (supposedly has some phenos w/ relatively high CBD/THC ratios)...
  19. C

    Why Does F1 Hybrid Vigour Occur?

    Hello Denizens, I find this whole topic of F1 Hybrid Vigour, particularly interesting. I understand what F1 Hybrid Vigour is, as a description of its effect. And I understand under what circumstances it will happen. What i don't understand, is 'why' ? Why does F1 Hybrid Vigour occur ? The...
  20. MaxPar

    GROWant Smart 800Watt Osram LED Grow Light

    I'm purchasing one of these lights for a test grow. GROWant Aluminum Smart 800Watt OSRAM LED Grow Light Full Spectrum - White_LED Grow Light_LED Grow Lights | GROWant | Germany Made OSRAM 2017 Horticulture LEDs I have a 10x10 area for growing and have a couple of hybrid lights already going...
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