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  1. Malawi Gold Easter celebration

    Malawi Gold Easter celebration

    Malawi Gold Easter celebration Grow Day 37.
  2. DrBigP

    Why are the tips of my leaves turning yellow?

    Hi guys, firstly DWC is not an easy task, as easy as it looks. It’s not. It’s hard you’re dealing with water and chemicals. So this is what happened, i germinated the seed, all is good, 4 days later the roots shoot down into the res, sitting in the water while the air pump pushes bubbles up...
  3. Verbalist

    DWC & Soil: Verb's Purple Puncher Autos, Mars Hydro TS 1000

    :420: Verbalist ”Comparison grow” ~ Coco VS. Hydro VS. Soil ~ A quick introduction: Will be testing all three different ”standard growing mediums” with two different strains. Also this is my first actual grow using DWC, so a lot will be learned during this process. Also would like to thank...
  4. BAM55448

    Deep water culture

    My questions are 1 what EC at what week should I be measuring? 2 what PH should I shoot for? Currently I have a good setup and it is working ok. I wanted to get into growing/reading of the plants, before I got into complex growing. I am thinking this will be a basic introduction to Hydroponics...

    Can seeds go directly into DWC?

    There is not a lot about this specifically so I thought I'd share my experience. I am having major success. Assuming your system is all set up correctly, put your rockwool with your seed on your medium, fill your medium up just to the height of your rockwool. Cover your rockwool holes with...
  6. BB0420

    BBO’s Gelato: Hydro RDWC Grow

    Hello all, I’m starting my first grow journal. I’m not going to make it too long. I’ll get straight to it. But first! This is an exciting grow for me. This is my second grow and my first grow yielded 17oz of White Widow. I made a few mistakes but I am more than ready this go around! Let’s...
  7. Vermontasf

    DWC Blue Dream First Grow Hydro

    Hi everyone very excited to post my very first grow journal! I've been smoking medicinal cannabis only about 4 years and I'm in a legal state so hopefully I can manage to get a decent yield from my 4 blue dreams seeds. I germinate these guys with the paper towel method then placed the little...
  8. Vermontasf

    Good morning!

    Good morning everyone! New to the group and on week 2 of my 1st grow. I've already learned so much and I'm super excited to see how this grow turns out. Looking forward to discussing this wonderful medicine from you guys ❤see
  9. Northern Hydro

    Argyle & Bakerstreet Strain: Gov Seed From Tweed, Hydro DWC

    Hi! Second journal . *disclaimer , first was under a different handle . It may be legal but my paranoia hasn't accepted I am 100% legal *. If you put it together than you read my first journal so Thanks !! Into paper towel May 25 Set up for18/6 veg so far is : 2x4x7 tent 2 DWC buckets ...
  10. Blazinjones

    Completed Blaze Blazes Through The High Seas Of Hydro DWC

    Strains: Master Kush, Blue Cheese, My Cross I made no name yet but it is Black Domina crossed with Hindu Kush Skunk Lights: x1 Growant G400 led, x2 Perfect Sun The Dwarf Star led, x1 after market 1000w cob led, x4 mars hydro mars300 leads, and last but not least x1 600w vipraspectra led Grow...
  11. hwnchili

    Completed Hwnchili's Aurora Indica - Hydro Scrog

    I'd like to share my current grow. I'm always learning from the 420mag community, so maybe this can be of some help to a grower in the future. The objective of this grow was to see how I could reduce cost & maintenance required for a hyrdoponic bucket setup. I chose to use Aerogarden's (AG)...
  12. G

    Help a girl out, what does everyone think about this hydro system I got?

    What do you think? I'm a first time grower. When should I start adding nutrients after I put my seedlings in. Btw the seedlings will be in rockwool cubes with hydro balls thanks
  13. G

    Hydroponics please help

    First time grow question (seedlings/hydroponics) Hi I am starting a hydroponic grow from 4 five gallon buckets drip system. I bought a humidity dome and heat mat my question is once they sprout how long before I take my rock wool cubes and place them in the 5 gallon buckets with clay rocks? I...
  14. WizHigh

    Abandoned Hydro Outside Indoor Growing!

    Things been looking good for me gowing outside so far. My oldest is 9 days old and looking greener and healtier everyday. Fish ferts is what I feed it, I hae other ferts but I'm waiting until 2weeks before flowering to start them. So here's the thing, I just recently made a hydro system the...
  15. D

    Abandoned First Grow - Closet LED Hydro - Pineapple Express

    Hi guys. New to this board and thought I'd post my first grow. General Hydroponics PowerGrower Eco (modified to add 3 airstone feeder lines) 3 5" aquarium airstones 2 pumps (1 small pump to feed the drip ring, and a larger one for the 3 air lines) UFO LED grow light 90w Black grow tent...
  16. F

    Abandoned Freak420's Hydro/Bubble Buckets Strawberry Cough / Jack47 Grow Journal

    Hey 420 this is my first grow journal here and I'm hoping to make it a good one. Any and all comments are more than welcome. Here we go... I'm going to keep two mother plants in a area 4'x2'x6 ½. Lighting for that area will be a sunlight supply 4 foot, 8 tube, high output t-5 fluorescent...
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