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  1. 420in808

    Hawaii Outdoor DWC Scrog Grow Sunset Sherbet

    Hydro shops said it couldn’t be done outdoors in Hawaii as the heat would fry the roots, so of course it made me want to try an outdoor DWC even more. So far, plants are thriving, roots are healthy, white, and plentiful. Water temps reach high 80’s at midday. Frozen water bottles are used to...
  2. MostlyCloudy

    1st Time - Bag Seed - Hydro AKA Hydro Valentine's Surprise

    Whats the word? As stated in the title this is a 1st time Bag Seed Hydro grow. This grow was started on Valentines day and one week later respectively so hopefully theses ladies don't stand me up. From seed to rockwool cubes 24-36hrs til 1st leafs. I know this just dont work with most of what I...
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