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hydro garden

  1. OGforthewin

    OGftw's Indoor Dogwalker & Blood Diamond OG Journal, 2018

    Cultivar: blood diamond OG dogwalker OG Hybrid mostly indica, from clone Veg, 4 weeks ( started October 7, 2018) Indoor Soil for mothers, hydro for veg/flower Mother plants are in soil king big roots soil amended with neem meal, kelp meal, crab meal and azomite. Cover cropped with clover. 5...
  2. G

    My first time growing and here is my setup but a couple questions

    Hello all. This is my first time growing and my first post to the site. I am using feminized autoflower seeds and using this hydro set up with the LED light that hangs above the base unit. I've watched a decent amount of videos and have written down my own simple instructions to grow. Tell me if...
  3. Tokeman1

    Tokeman1's 2k Hydro H20 Cooled Tent

    Hi folks, I have been growing on and of for 20 years ranging from 8 -60 plant grows all in soil and most organic. I have been relatively successful but now that I could have gotten much better results, especially in yield consistency. This is my first attempt growing hydro, and any...
  4. Phoenix Sun

    Canna PK 13/14!

    Growing hydroponics, and aeroponics systems with Canna PK 13/14 is a great choice. Canna Pk 13/14 is a top quality mixture of mineral nutrients. Developed for the flowering phase of fast growing plants, Canna has succeeded in combining potassium, and phosphorous in very high concentrations...
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